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GOT Interface offers comprehensive interface solutions tailored for appliance manufacturers, from design to end-of-life phases — or specific stages as needed. We pride ourselves on flexibility, design innovation, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and advanced connectivity for enhancing consumer appliance interfaces. By leveraging new materials and technologies, we focus on improving user experiences without significant cost increases. 

Appliance Solutions

Elevate your product offerings with seamless design, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Our contoured, innovative interfaces enhance user experience and perceived value across pricing tiers, without incurring additional production costs. Embrace In-Mold Decoration & Electronics for variable appearance and function, eliminating the need for expensive tooling or controller changes. Our cutting-edge flexible circuits and microprocessors unlock advanced features at lower costs, empowering you to deliver more for less. And finally, we bridge the connectivity gap with advanced circuit design and production, integrating communication features and extending range for a truly connected experience. This unique combination empowers you to create exceptional products that stand out, without breaking the bank.

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Contoured, innovative interfaces add value to pricing tiers without adding production cost.


In-Mold Decoration & Electronics bring variable appearance & function without variable tooling or controllers.

Cost Effective

New flexible circuits & micro-processors offer advanced product features at lower cost.


Add communications features & extended range with advanced circuit design & production.

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Consumer Appliance Interface Innovation

While appliance industry sales remain strong, manufacturers face several challenges that threaten to impede growth. From supply chain disruptions and skilled workforce shortages to strong competition and volatile raw materials costs, there is no shortage of obstacles. Additionally, consumers have become accustomed to rapid innovation. They expect constant advancements in functionality and features, and are increasingly focused on a positive overall experience.

We believe the best interfaces transform human interactions, delivering seamless usability and the personalization today’s consumers crave. This is reflected in our innovative design solutions. Like transparent printed conductive circuits as a cost-effective alternative to ITO, distinctive product designs with metallic finishes and custom backlight solutions, complete user interface assemblies across various technology platforms, and capabilities for wireless control and data collection. Integrating scalability and advanced materials can lower production costs while delivering high-level user experiences in both small and large appliance applications.

Talk to GOT Interface about innovations made possible by new in-mold decorative and electronic enclosures, sensors, actuators, and wireless connectivity.