Appliance Interface

GOT Interface is an end-to-end interface solution for appliance manufacturers. Whether you need support from design through end-of-life, or just one phase, our flexible model can augment your operation precisely where you need it.

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Contoured, innovative interfaces add value to pricing tiers without adding production cost.


In-Mold Decoration & Electronics bring variable appearance & function without variable tooling or controllers.

Cost Effective

New flexible circuits & micro-processors offer advanced product features at lower cost.


Add communications features & extended range with advanced circuit design & production.

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Consumer Appliance Interface Innovation

The best interfaces transform human interactions. Put contoured, cost-effective panels and surfaces on white goods and consumer electronics. Replace manual membrane switches with customizable interfaces scalable to tiered features that require minimal additional tooling or controllers. Integration of advanced materials can lower production costs while delivering higher-level user experience in both small and large appliance applications. Talk to GOT Interface about innovations made possible by new in-mold decorative and electronic enclosures, sensors, actuators, and wireless connectivity.