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GOT Interface is your end-to-end partner for automotive interface in-mold labeling (IML) and in-mold design (IMD). We leverage our multidisciplinary design capabilities, innovation with advanced materials, user experience enhancement through integrated technologies, and qualifications with industry-standard certifications to enhance our customers’ automotive interface and display development efforts.

Automotive Solutions

Our design team boasts comprehensive expertise across various disciplines, ensuring your project benefits from a multi-faceted approach. We embrace innovation, utilizing cutting-edge materials to unlock design flexibility and push the boundaries of what's possible. Beyond functionality, we create user experiences that captivate and connect. By seamlessly integrating graphic, touch, and lighting technologies, we design interfaces that are not only intuitive but also elegant and visually appealing. To deliver on these promises, we operate S16949 and IATF16949 certified manufacturing facilities, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Additionally, our PPAP New Product Introduction validated technologies ensure a smooth and efficient transition from concept to reality. With this unique combination of design prowess, innovative materials, user-centric approach, and rigorous quality control, we empower you to bring exceptional products to the market.

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Dashboard and other instrumentation cluster assemblies
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User controls featuring both capacitive touch and tactile interfaces
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Transparent printed conductive circuits for a cost-effective capacitive touch alternative to ITO
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A wide range of Interior LED Display - lighting solutions
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Multi-discipline design capabilities.


Advanced materials that offer design flexibility.

User Experience

Integration graphic, touch and lighting technologies that offer elegance and appeal.


S16949 and IATF16949 certified manufacturing facilities, as well as PPAP New Product Introduction validated technologies.

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Automotive User Experience Innovation

Cars are getting smarter! The automotive industry is shifting gears with cutting-edge technology like AR dashboards projecting navigation directly onto your windshield, hands-free control via advanced voice assistants, and even AI personalizing your driving experience with preferred settings and route suggestions. These innovations promise a future where driving is safer, more convenient, and distinctly tailored to your individual needs.

Perhaps most impressive of all has been the emergence of the autonomous vehicle. This has led to an increased focus on automotive interiors. Development of automotive cabin systems that enhance the comfort and user experience of the passenger are paramount. Our extensive experience with dashboard and instrument clusters, user controls combining capacitive touch and tactile interfaces, and interior LED lighting solutions, and advanced materials allows GOT Interface to offer innovative products for automotive interiors that enhance the user experience.

Whether developing a solution for decorative lighting, center consoles, overhead consoles or the user interface controls to drive these systems GOT Interface can support your development effort from concept to production. Contact a GOT Interface representative today for more information!