Electronics Interface

GOT Interface specializes in custom electronics interface design, development, and manufacturing, offering solutions across multiple engineering disciplines. We provide electrical enclosures, custom interface products, and in-mold electronics, catering to consumer electronics, industrial controls, home automation, and appliances. Our expertise spans large-format printed sensor circuits to small-scale capacitive touch controls, showcasing innovation in human machine interfaces.

Electronics Solutions

Our solutions cover diverse landscapes, from wearables and handheld portables that define modern consumer electronics, to the intricate world of industrial automation and building controls. We empower smart homes with intuitive interfaces for climate, lighting, audio, and security, seamlessly blending technology with comfort. And when it comes to appliances, we craft intuitive controls for everything from countertop gadgets to major white goods, making everyday tasks effortless. In short, we design interfaces that seamlessly integrate into various lifestyles and environments, whether you're on the go, managing industrial processes, creating a connected home, or simply using your favorite kitchen appliance.

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Electronics Interactive
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Multi-disciplined engineering solutions inspired by innovation
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Flexible Polyimide circuit with mounted LEDs
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Highly customizable graphic layer
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Light Guide Film (LGF) supplying uniform backlighting where needed
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Transparent printed conductive circuits for a cost-effective capacitive touch alternative to ITO
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Consumer Electronics

Wearables to handheld portable devices.

Industrial Controls

Industrial Automation to building controls.

Home Automation

Controls for Climate, Lighting, Audio and Security.


Countertop to White Goods.

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Human Controls Innovation

The world of electronics interfaces is constantly evolving, driven by innovations that aim to improve user experience, functionality, and aesthetics. Flexible and conformal displays, MicroLEDs, haptic feedback and touch interfaces, voice and gesture recognition, biometric authentication, even far-flung experimental technologies like brain-computer interfaces are all poised to change the way we interact with electronics.

GOT Interface remains on the cutting edge of these and other emerging technologies to bring innovation to Human Machine Interfaces. Our design and agile production of consumer and industrial human machine innovation wins awards for customers. Borrowed brilliance from multiple design and manufacturing disciplines allows GOT to bring new implementations through advanced enclosures, sensors, circuits, and wireless capabilities for true market disruption.

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