Flexible Printed Circuits Bring Amazing Potential to User Interfaces

Even for OEMs with no in-house product designers, putting electronic circuits on flexible substrates opens up a very wide opportunity. This is particularly true when those circuits are used to collect inputs from a variety of sensor inputs, and their signals pushed to connected monitoring systems.

Earlier this year, GOT demonstrated a large-format flexible printed circuit (FPC) we designed for a medical customer. The design lends itself to fabrics and other applications that utilize force or pressure sensors. Since then, several OEMs came to us for help putting that concept to work in their ideas.

Flexible Circuits

GOT Interface’s Large-Format Flexible Printed Circuit

One new customer wants to put the technology in car seats. Another wants to use it in a wearable. Another is using the technology in a glove that employees use for training, and that will also be used to feed intelligence into a system that monitors tool effectiveness and fatigue.

Imagine putting your product interface into a completely new environment and collecting input with little effort or friction. Floor mats, clothing, even furniture applications are possible.

How can FPC be put to work in your product?

Let’s talk about that today.