Happy Holidays from GOT Interface

GOT Holiday

A Note From GOT Interface President Dan Skiba

As 2019 winds down to a close, we wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe, prosperous and joyful new year.

Our goal is to help our customers bridge the gap between user and product. To that end, please let us know how the GOT Interface team can better help you serve you and your customers in 2020 and beyond. We’re looking forward to making this coming year our most successful yet and with your partnership, the sky is the limit.

This year, we brought over 60 new designs and 1,500 custom solutions to the marketplace. We could not have done so without your partnership and input! So from ours to yours, have a wonderful holiday season, our team looks forward to breaking new ground with you in 2020!

Best wishes,

Dan Skiba
President & CEO

Dan Skiba