Innovation Manufacturability

Innovation Manufacturing

OEMs need more than just a transformative idea, they need the manufacturability to go along with it. Since manufacturability varies widely from discipline to discipline, it can be a challenge to find a partner who understands how to consolidate these multiple disciplines and technologies in order to meet the needs of the end-product. We heard this first-hand from a range of OEMs at CES this year.

GOT Interface restructured some years ago to solve this very problem. Customers are bringing entirely new products to market in less than a year. Others are introducing significant product upgrades to production in a matter of months.

At CES we met new customers excited to learn that we take responsibility for improving their time to revenue. We know that feeling. As fun as designing innovation can be, it is far more important – and rewarding — to have responsible NPI processes and production resources in place. The trend is now to find a partner who can manufacture innovative designs, and who designs for manufacture from day one.

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