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CVC Technologies is a multi-national designer & manufacturer of industrial labeling equipment with an engineering facility based in Southern California. CVC presented us with a project involving the design of a custom DC motor drive with a specific goal in mind: to provide their service team and customers with a faster and easier way to diagnose motor fault conditions. An LED with blink codes was added to provide diagnostic information to display motor running, motor short, motor overcurrent, and line voltage too high or too low. All this was accomplished while making the drive a drop-in replacement for the previous drive, for ease of service use. The footprint, mounting points and terminal locations matched exactly.


CVC Old Control CVC New Control
Original Product American Control Electronics Replacement


In addition to the advanced diagnostic feature, we also designed a circuit that would better protect the drive by causing it to ‘suspend the output’ when a short across the motor occurred. We also added at their request a custom current limit ‘map’ that updated the excess current protection on the drive by stopping the motor rather than oscillating it on and off if the motor were to draw excess current over an extended period of time.


After pilot testing, CVC asked if we could enhance the current limiting functionality even further by adding a technician-adjustable current limit adjustment. That enhancement allows them to tailor the current limit to match the particular motor being used rather than having a fixed limit that would only protect larger motors.


ACE designed & delivered a drive that;
  1) Provides enhanced diagnostic information for CVC’s service team and customers.
  2) Protects itself better if trouble across the motor occurs.
  3) Provides enhanced protection should a motor stall or overload occur.
  4) Gives the OEM more factory adjustment for current limit than in previous designs.


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