Medical Device Interface

GOT Interface is the end-to-end medical interface solution for medical device companies. Our expertise in all stages of the device development life cycle allows us to design for manufacture from day one while harnessing the latest production technologies, and meeting ISO 13485 standards.

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Medical Interactive
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User Interface controls and panels for a range of medtech devices
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Biomedical sensors to monitor vitals including ECG, EKG, & pressure
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Wirelessly control products and collect user data remotely
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Data analytics and IoT
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Biomedical Sensors

Lightweight and flexible sensors for monitoring vital signs, ECG, EKG, Pressure and more.


Supporting an expanding array of applications in the home medical market.

Fine Pitch Flexible Circuits

Allowing for integration of complex circuits in space-restricted environments.

User Interface

Membrane switches and cost-effective Capacitive Touch input devices.


Reduce end-user’s need for manual data collection and associative cost. Increase real time data upload.

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Medical Innovation for Sensors and Controls

GOT develops and manufactures medical devices for applications that range from user interface controls and remote patient monitoring market to connected wearables and biomedical sensors. Our 25 years of experience delivering technologies such as fine pitch flexible circuits combined with our ISO 13485 manufacturing facilities allows GOT to provide product solutions for an ever-demanding medical market.