Custom Interface For Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen Concentrator

The respiratory division of one of the nation’s top 5 medical device suppliers, approached GOT Interface with a problem. They had a product in development, but their current suppliers couldn’t meet their user interface requirements, impeding their product launch timeline.


The device requirements included:

A tactile responsive keypad, providing patients with physical input to ensure accurate operation of the device.

Individually backlit keys, giving users the peace of mind to know their button press was registered correctly, even in the dark.

A display that integrates into the device’s membrane switch, reducing the number of cables needed, while enhancing the reliability and the portability of the device.


GOT worked closely with the respiratory division’s internal engineering team to ensure all program risks were mitigated and product development timeline schedules were met or exceeded. This open collaboration keep program iterations to a minimum and allowed for manufacturing fulfillment through a proven supply chain.


With expertise in advanced materials, GOT Interface used conductive lamination to electrically bond the display directly to the keypad. This enabled seamless integration of the display into the membrane switch itself, and allowed the device to have only a single interface cable when the assembly was mounted. The reduction in cables helped reduce assembly time and helped the end-product to maintain a low-profile appearance. It also enhanced the device’s portability, reliability, and ease of use for patients.


The end product was a user-friendly oxygen concentrator that fulfilled users ergonomic, functional, and optical requirements, and met the device’s targeted release date. Today, this top medical suppler continues to use GOT Interface’s expertise in user interface for the development of products in various divisions.


GOT Membrane 1 GOT Membrane 2


 Other examples of GOT Interface custom membrane switches


GOT Interface continues to be a driving force in supporting medical organizations elevate home health device user experience with cutting edge interface design.


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