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American Control Electronics is a leader in high functionality, economical motor control technology, but not all our solutions are deployed with motors. One example of that is Ozotech, a company based in Yreka, California. Ozotech has been designing and manufacturing ozone generator equipment for over 30 years.


Ozone generators are devices that create artificial ozone through a process called Corona Discharge. These generators are frequently used in water and air purification systems because Ozone effectively supports killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Thousands of cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Paris, London, Singapore, have been using ozone generators in their water treatment systems for years.


Ozotech uses the VFD300-2.4, a 230VAC input and 2.4A rated VFD in their generators. Ozone is created by sending the variable AC voltage of the VFD300 through a transformer. The transformer steps-up the 230VAC to 600-20,000 VAC. The high voltage output of the transformer creates sparks between the transformer’s output and ground. These sparks are what produces ozone, much like how lighting creates natural ozone. As each spark makes it’s way to earth ground, it comes into contact with oxygen atoms (2 electrons) and breaks them up. The free electronics combine with other oxygen atoms to form ozone atoms (3 electrons). The variable output of a VFD allows the system to regulate and maintain the ideal amount of ozone for the particular use.




Motor controls don’t always have to include a motor.


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