Reduce Parts Complexity and Assembly Cost for Value-Added Manufacturing

Reduce Parts

Flexible printed circuits are one of the ways GOT Interface customers improve product margins by reducing manufacturing costs. But more important than that is the added opportunities from design and functionality that such new circuits provide.

Old rigid PCBs and their wiring harnesses can be easily replaced with lighter flexible printed circuit (FPC) that doesn’t need a harness. The immediate reduction in parts complexity and assembly cost could save millions of dollars over the life of a product. Such a change to the user interface is low-hanging fruit for any OEM.

We can show you some examples of how such a redesign added value on both sides of the manufacturing accounting sheet for customers.

In fact, just last year GOT designed and put into the market 63 new custom applications for customers. We currently support over 1200 active products. And we manufactured over 2.1 M product assemblies last year.

One customer brought us a problem to solve. One of their product designs was failing in production; the design would not permit large-scale manufacturing. We redesigned the product to solve that problem and because of the capability brought by FPC, we were able also to improve the device performance and make it smaller!

New micro-sensors open up a very wide scope of opportunity for product growth and development. The business case is simple. New technology and methods help OEMs to:

  1. Reduce product weight
  2. Reduce assembly cost
  3. Remove design constraints

What value could you add by innovating at your user interface? We would love to talk about that with your team.