Precision Gluding for Speaker Manufacturers


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JL Audio, a high-end speaker manufacturer, takes engineering and product quality very seriously, as they believe that their loyal customers can actually hear the difference between speakers. Meeting their needs not only requires unique engineering of the speakers, but also of their production facility. Recently, JL Audio focused on upgrading their gluing operation, particularly on one of their speaker production lines, to ensure that the gluing operation language was fully comparable to their current line controller language, while being reliable, self-contained, and not requiring integration with a computer or controller.


After searching their options, JL Audio chose to use an AllMotion EZ4Axis controller and four stepper motors in a configuration that mimics the operation of a standard CNC machine, allowing the positioning of the glue to be very accurate, even while speakers are moving down the production line. The EZ4Axis controller is easy to install and implement, measuring only 2.25-inches by 2.25-inches by 0.6-inches high, and was designed specifically to allow customers to implement the device quickly in a multi-axis stepper motor operation. JL Audio is presently using the AllMotion EZ4Axis controllers and motors in three locations on their production line and hopes to increase that number as time permits, enabling them to increase the speaker throughput on that line.


In summary, the AllMotion EZ4Axis controller solved JL Audio's problem of needing to upgrade their gluing operation, by providing a reliable and self-contained solution that is easy to install and implement, while also allowing for accurate positioning of glue even while speakers are moving down the production line.


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