Technology That Is Changing User Interface Design

Users’ expectations are driving substantial change at OEMs today. The familiar technology they carry in their pockets and use at home is what they expect to find everywhere else.

The good news is that such innovation is more widely available for product placement in new and existing manufactured items. The bad news is that this technology introduces speed bumps to the uninitiated.

One new technology that gets a lot of attention is highly conductive transparent circuits. GOT has samples of printed flexible transparent capacitive touch circuits with driven LED’s. This application has an immediate “wow factor” to product engineers and designers. Imagine the effect such a technology would have on your users!

Changing Tech

Putting New Technology to Market Faster and With Less Risk

Capacitive technology can be applied successfully in non-touch applications, too. For example, we developed a solution that measures the fluid level from outside non-metallic storage containers or tanks¬. Imagine the value (and volume) this could bring to an industry that depends on such fluid measurement for vast numbers of containers spread over diverse geographies.

Once the core design parameters are met great value-add opportunities are presented by new wireless technologies such as long-range and low-power Bluetooth and 802.1x communications. Color Material Finish (CMF) will disrupt the way OEMs design and manufacture their housings. These are plastics that look like other materials such as leather or cotton fabrics.

These new technologies put tremendous business opportunity within reach. GOT is working with leading OEMs to put them to market with a process proven to deliver faster time-to-revenue and less production and manufacturing risk.

The speed-bumps that make it uncomfortable for others to innovate aren’t a problem for GOT customers. Innovating at the customer touchpoint presents an ROI that any product manager would love to see.

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