True Partners Take Responsibility for Manufacturing Innovation

True Partners

The word “partner” is too often used when “associate” is more accurate. A partner is supposed to take full responsibility for getting the job done, not just his or her job, but THE job. A manufacturing partner should be able to put great and transformative ideas into scalable production. More often than not, OEMs find their “partners” have shallow competencies and weak internal commitments.

Why is it important for OEMs to have a truly collaborative partner? Today’s manufacturing landscape is increasingly complex. Between regulatory changes, company consolidations, and complicated supply chains, OEMs must be more agile than ever. They need partners that not only deliver quality products with a quick time-to-market, but also eliminate risk and take responsibility for optimizing the production process. This might be in the form of a design revision or implementing efficiencies on the production line.

At GOT Interface, we made a deliberate decision to structure our company to be that true partner for OEMs. We take full responsibility for putting the latest and most appropriate interface innovation into production in just months.

We call that ability “innovation manufacturing.” We synthesize manufacturability with advanced materials and technology. Our working demos prove it.

Within weeks, customers can see working prototypes of our Human-to-Machine innovation integrated into their products. Within only months the NPI process with the testing and validation is complete, dramatically shrinking time-to-revenue.

The benefits go beyond just near-term market opportunity. When you need to innovate at your product touch point you’ve got to have GOT.

Call today and set up a “Possibilities of Human-to-Machine Innovation” lunch-and-learn event at your office or request a working demo to get started with your next product leap.