WALTHAM, MA. May 21, 2014 - We are excited to announce that we are changing our name from Printec USA, LLC to Galvin One Touch Interface to be known as "GOT Interface." GOT Interface offers design...
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    HMI Systems

    GOT Interface develops complete HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems for applications ranging from medical and industrial to appliance and recreation.

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    Membrane Switches

    GOT Interfaces develops and manufactures membrane switches utilizing multiple switch and print technologies to meet your requirements.

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    User Interfaces

    GOT Interface provides a broad range of fixed functional switching devices to support capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels in your applications.



Design and development of electronic products that incorporate various switching technologies, robust input options surrounded by I6X enclosures.



User interfaces ranging from bedside monitors to wearable devices containing disposable medical sensors and standalone medical diagnostic devices.



Covering products using membrane switches, rubber keypads, screen printed circuits, FPC and capacitive technology.



Utilizing the latest technology to deliver the most advanced aesthetic designs to the automotive and marine markets.