Carbon Analysis Machine

Measuring Carbon
with Wildcat Technologies


Wildcat Technologies designs and manufactures state of the art equipment for oil and gas companies, as well as academic and research institutions, to perform rapid and accurate pyrolysis, TOC, and carbonate carbon analyses on cuttings, core, and outcrop samples. These tests are used to determine a rock's maturity, as well as hydrocarbon content and total organic carbon. 


Their flagship instrument, the HAWK (Hydrocarbon Analysis With Kinetics) incorporates AllMotion's EZ4AXIS23WV controller to control X, Y, and Z axis motion. Additionally, the HAWK uses the EZ4AXIS23WV digital I/O channels to control the handling gripping mechanism which also incorporates a sensing device.


The EZ4AXIS23WV was perfect for the HAWK because it allowed for USB control and provided an interactive programming environment for ease of prototyping, all while fitting in a compact footprint.


The HAWK incorporates sample trays that can hold up to 126 separate samples. Each sample analysis can take as long as an hour to perform. The EZ4AXIS23WV is easily able to provide the accuracy and repeatability that the application demands, as well as the reliability to perform in even some of the most difficult environments. The HAWK is designed for both laboratory and at the well site use, so these instruments are located throughout the world in laboratories and in harsh environments such as Saudi Arabia, Africa, Russia and China, and yet there has never been a single failure of AllMotion's EZ4AXIS23WV control!


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